We started the Acervus Progress Reports!

With the intention of generating a more fluid communication with the collaborators and beneficiaries of the Project, we have decided to start publishing regular reports summarizing the progress in the different work areas of the project.

So far, those of us involved in the Acervus Project have been working quietly, working hard to process and organize the enormous amount of material we have collected. We continue to make progress in the recovery of content for the different collections, focusing especially on Illich's and CIDOC's collections. We have accessed new articles, interviews and audio recordings. Since we have already made substantial progress in the construction of the index of sources, in the coming weeks we will be publishing regular updates with the progress we are making. We expect these updates to be published every 2 weeks.

In these brief reports we plan to share new acquisitions, status of digitizations, progress in the development of the web platform and other issues that we consider valuable to inform those who follow closely this collaborative initiative.

Without further ado, we share with you the link to access the first report.