Centro Intercultural de Documentación de Cuernava (CIDOC): Recovering its past to transform our present

In this first public activity we will present the initiative to recover the history, intellectual production and textual, visual and oral memory of the Intercultural Center of Cuernavaca (CIDOC), which existed in the years 1966 and 1976 in Mexico. This mythical institution operated as a sort of “alternative university” and was the origin of reflections and intellectual productions that forever changed education in Latin America and the world.

A series of dialogues, debates and writings took place there, featuring Ivan Illich, John Holt, Everett Reimer, Paul Goodman, Paulo Freire and many other theoreticians of education and social change. CIDOC had a decisive impact in its time and its effects are still strongly felt today in ways that we are only now beginning to understand. It was the cradle of a series of revolutionary ideas that today, in the global context of the so-called “post-pandemic”, take on an unusual relevance: unschooling; education without school; liberation pedagogy; degrowth; limits to development; ecosocialism; critique of institutionalized medicine; deprofessionalization; appropriable technologies; open source; the hacker movement; decoloniality; conviviality; among so many others, have in CIDOC their undeniable mark of origin.


  • Date and time: Wednesday 9th at 4:30 pm (UTC)
  • Place: Virtual and in place (Unitierra Oaxaca)